Flames of Longing

Ember Forrest
1 min readFeb 11, 2022


Flames of longing

Burn me until my flesh melts off my bones

The Irish Coast. Image by author

and I’m nothing but dust in the wind

and a whisper in your mind

My desires were too much to ask for

so I went down to lake to drown them

one by one they left me

and I sat there wondering where everything went wrong…

I decided to walk through fear

so I popped a couple pills as my eyes rolled back

Dawn turned to day and then night again

the stars listened to my stories as I lay on the grass

He approached me in a way I’ve never seen

Eyes bright as the stars in the sky

a voice of milk and honey

and silence of tingling bliss and cool air in my lungs

My Child, he spoke

you will be okay

I blinked and in a moment he was gone

I was alone again in the chill of the night air

and an empty mind



Ember Forrest

I am deeply INSPIRED to create magic in my works.